Baseball Books and Video

Picture Books

Bildner, Phil The Shot Heard 'round the World JE BILDNER
Corey, Shana Players in Pigtails JE COREY
Driscoll, Laura Curious George at the Baseball Game JE REY MARGRET
Dunrea, Olivier Peedie JE DUNREA
Elya, Susan Eight Animals Play Ball JE ELYA
Hopkinson, Deborah Girl Wonder:
A Baseball Story in Nine Innings
Isadora, Rachel Luke Goes to Bat JE ISADORA
Kovalski, Maryann Take Me Out to the Ball Game JE KOVALSKI
Kraus, Robert Mort the Sport JE KRAUS
London, Jonathan When the Fireflies Come JE LONDON
Lorbiecki, Marybeth Jackie's Bat JE LORBIECKI MARYBETH
Mammano, Julie Rhinos Who Play Baseball JE MAMMANO
McCully, Emily Mouse Practice JE MCCULLY
Paxton, Tom The Jungle Baseball Game JE PAXTON
Rappaport, Doreen Dirt on their Skirts JE RAPPAPORT
Rey, Margret Curious George Plays Baseball JE REY
Schulz, Charles M. You're Our New Mascot, Chuck! JE SCHULZ
Shortt, Tim The Babe Ruth Ballet School JE SHORTT
Welch, Willy Playing Right Field JE WELCH
Zagwyn, Deborah Apple Batter JE ZAGWYN


Adler, David Young Cam Jansen and the Baseball Mystery JE READER ADLER
Buller, Jon Baseball Camp on the Planet of Eyeballs JE READER BULLER
Cosby, Bill Hooray for the Dandelion Warriors! JE READER COSBY
Eaton, Deborah The Rainy Day Grump JE READER EATON
Hooks, William Mr. Baseball JE READER HOOKS
Katschke, Judy It's a Home Run, Charlie Brown! JE READER SCHULZ
Kessler, Leonard Here Comes the Strikeout JE READER KESSLER
Marzollo, Jean Baseball Brothers JE READER MARZOLLO
McCully, Emily Grandmas at Bat JE READER MCCULLY
Meister, Cari Game Day JE READER MEISTER
Parish, Peggy Play Ball, Amelia Bedelia JE READER PARISH
Spelvin, Justin Care Bears: Most Valuable Bear JE READER CARE BEARS

Chapter Books

Adler, David Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Babe Ruth Baseball JPB ADLER
Bowen, Fred The Golden Glove JPB BOWEN
Bowen, Fred The Kid Coach JPB BOWEN
Bowen, Fred Playoff Dreams JPB BOWEN
Brooks, Bruce Throwing Smoke JFIC BROOKS
Brown, Marc Arthur Makes the Team JPB BROWN MARC
Butler, Dori Hillestad Sliding into Home JFIC BUTLER
Carlson, Ron The Speed of Light JFIC CARLSON
Christopher, Matt All-Star Fever JPB CHRISTOPHER
Christopher, Matt Baseball Flyhawk JPB CHRISTOPHER
Christopher, Matt Catcher with a Glass Arm JPB CHRISTOPHER
Christopher, Matt The Catcher's Mask JPB CHRISTOPHER
Christopher, Matt Centerfield Ballhawk JPB CHRISTOPHER
Christopher, Matt The Dog that Pitched a No-Hitter JPB CHRISTOPHER
Christopher, Matt The Dog that Stole Home JPB CHRISTOPHER
Christopher, Matt Double Play at Short JPB CHRISTOPHER
Christopher, Matt Man Out at First JPB CHRISTOPHER
Christopher, Matt Return of the Home Run Kid JPB CHRISTOPHER
Christopher, Matt Shadow over Second JPB CHRISTOPHER
Christopher, Matt The Year Mom Won the Pennant JPB CHRISTOPHER
Cooney, Doug I Know Who Likes You JPB COONEY
Corbett, Sue Free Baseball JFIC CORBETT SUE
Gantos, Jack Joey Pigza Loses Control JFIC GANTOS
Gordon, Amy The Gorillas of Gill Park JFIC GORDON
Greenburg, Dan My Grandma, Major League Slugger JPB GREENBURG
Gutman, Dan
[Baseball Card Adventures]
Gutman, Dan Honus & Me JPB GUTMAN
Gutman, Dan Jackie & Me JPB GUTMAN
Gutman, Dan Mickey & Me JFIC GUTMAN
Gutman, Dan Satch & Me JFIC GUTMAN DAN
Hurwitz, Johanna Baseball Fever JPB HURWITZ
Ritter, John H. The Boy who Saved Baseball JFIC RITTER
Smith, Robert Kimmel Bobby Baseball JPB SMITH
Warner, Gertrude

The Home Run Mystery

Zinnen, Linda

Holding at Third


Look for J796.357

Anderson, Wayne

The Chicago Black Sox Trial

J796.357 ANDE
Briand, Kevin

The Baseball Book:
A Young Player's Guide to Baseball

J796.357 BRIA
Burke, Jim

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

J796.357 BURK
Curlee, Lynn

The Story of America's Baseball Fields

J796.357 CURL
Green, Michelle

A Strong Right Arm:
The Story of Mamie "Peanut" Johnson

Kelley, James


J796.357 KELL
Krasner, Steven

Play Ball Like the Hall of Famers

J796.357 KRAS
McGwire, Mark

The 100 Greatest Baseball Players
of the 20th Century Ranked

J796.357 MCGW
Ritter, Lawrence

The Story of Baseball

J796.357 RITT
Shaughnessy, Dan

The Legend of the Curse of the Bambino

J796.357 SHAU
Thomas, Keltie

How Baseball Works

J796.357 THOM
Winter, Jonah

Fair Ball!:
14 Great Stars from Baseball's Negro Leagues

J796.357 WINT



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