Books and CD-ROMs donated to the Wateford Library by the Waterford Genealogical Society in 2008

Jamestowne Ancestors 1607-1699
Virginia Lee Hutcheson Davis

Adventures of Purse and Person, Virginia, 1607-1624/5, 4th ed. vol 3 R-Z
John Frederick Dorman

New York Calendar of Wills (1896)
Berthold Fernow

Virginia Immigrants and Adventurers 1607-1635: a biographical dictionary
Martha Mccartney

Erin’s sons: Irish arrivals in Atlantic Canada, 1761-1853
Terrence M. Punch

Schlegel’s American Families of German Ancestry (4 volume set)
Carl Schlegel

British Emigrants in Bondage, 1614-1788 CD ROM

Scottish Immigrants to North America
Banner Blue

The Ricker Compilation of Vital Records, Early CT

Southside Virginia Genealogies
John W. Pritchett

Kentucky Land Records 1774-1924

Federal Land Series, 4 volume set

Missing Relatives and Lost Friends
Robert W. Barnes

Companions of Champlain: Founding Fathers of Quebec, 1608-1635
Denise R. Larson


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