Email, Phone and Text Notification

Email: If you have an e-mail address you can receive notices electronically of requests available for pickup or overdue items, in lieu of a paper copy. Email notifications have the added benefit of notification two days prior to the due date of an item. Click here to set your account to email notification via the internet.

Phone: By default library accounts are set to phone notification. Phone notification only pertains to holds. Any overdue or bill notices would still be received by mail.  If an answering machine is reached the hold pickup information is left on the machine. No details other than the availability of the hold are given.  If neither a person nor an answering machine are reached a paper notice will be mailed.

Text: You can sign up for text notification of holds that are ready for pickup. Follow these instructions on how to sign up for the service. 

Please contact us by phone at 248.674.4831 or by e-mail.

The information we will need is:

  • Your name
  • Library card number
  • E-mail address *
  • Phone number

*if email option is selected.