Father Stories

Stories about fathers and their children.

Andreasen, Dan With a Little Help from Daddy JE Andreasen
Asim, Jabari  Daddy Goes to Work JE Asim
Bauer, Marion Dane The Very Best Daddy of All JE Bauer
Bittner, Wolfgang Wake Up, Grizzly! JE Bittner
Bluemle, Elizabeth My Father, the Dog JE Bluemle Elizabeth
Boelts, Maribeth Big Daddy, Frog Wrestler  JE Boelts
Boelts, Maribeth Looking for Sleepy JE Boelts
Boyd, Lizi I Love Daddy JE Boyd
Bradman, Tony Daddy's Lullabye JE Bradman
Braun, Sebastien I Love My Daddy JE Braun
Briant, Ed A Day at the Beach JE Briant Ed
Bridges, Margaret If I Were Your Father JE Bridges
Brown, Margaret  The Little Scarecrow Boy JE Brown
Browne, Anthony My Dad JE Browne
Bunting, Eve Pop's Bridge JE Bunting Eve
Burke, Bobby Daddy's Little Girl JE Burke
Buzzeo, Toni Little Loon and Papa JE Buzzeo
Camp, Lindsay Why? JE Camp
Capucilli, Alyssa Satin Biscuit Loves Father's Day Holiday JE C
Cazet, Denys “I’m Not Sleepy” JE Cazet
Chaconas, Dori On a Wintry Morning JE Chaconas
Clements, Andrew Because Your Daddy Loves You JE Clements
Cohlene, Terri Won't Papa Be Surprised! JE Cohlene
Collins, Billy Daddy's Little Boy JE Collins
Cook, Stephen Day Out with Daddy JE Cook Stephen
Coy, John Two Old Potatoes and Me JE Coy
Creech, Sharon Fishing in the Air JE Creech
Demers, Dominique Every Single Night JE Demers
Dewan, Ted Bing: Something for Daddy JE Dewan
Eilenberg, Max Cowboy Kid JE Eilenberg
Ellis, Sarah Next Stop! JE Ellis
Evans, Richard The Dance JE Evans
Feiffer, Jules The Daddy Mountain JE Feiffer
Fox, Mem Zoo-Looking JE Fox
French, Vivian Let's Go, Anna! JE French
Fuge, Charles My Dad! JE Fuge
Garland, Sherry My Father's Boat JE Garland
George, Kristine Up! JE George
Giuliano, Kate All the Way to God JE Giuliano
Glassman, Peter My Dad's Job JE Glassman
Goldowski, Jill Dad's Big Idea JE Reader Goldowski
Grimes, Nikki When Daddy Prays J811.54 G
High, Linda Winter Shoes for Shadow Horse JE High
Hill, Eric Spot Loves His Daddy JE Baby Book H
Horn, Peter The Best Father of All JE Horn
Horn, Peter When I Grow Up— JE Horn
Jennings, Sharon No Monsters Here JE Jennings
Joel, Billy Goodnight, My Angel: A Lullabye JE Joel
Jones, Christianne Emma's New Look JE Reader
Jones Christianne
Joosse, Barbara M. Papa, Do You Love Me? JE Joosse
Jorgensen, Richard Reading With Dad JE Jorgensen
Kanevsky, Polly Sleepy Boy JE Kanevsky
Katz, Karen Daddy Hugs 1-2-3 JE Katz
Kaufmann, Nancy Bye, Bye! JE Kaufmann
Kimmel, Elizabeth The Top Job JE Kimmel Elizabeth
Kroll, Steven Happy Father's Day Holiday JE K
Lawler, Janet A Father's Song JE Lawler
Levine, Abby Daddies Give You Horsey Rides JE Levine
L'Heureux, Christine Caillou, Just Like Daddy JE Caillou
London, Jonathon Froggy's Day with Dad  JE London
Loomis, Christine The Best Father's Day Present Ever Holiday JE Loomis Christine
Maccarone, Grace I Shop With My Daddy JE Reader Maccarone
Mayer, Mercer Just Go to Bed JE Mayer
Mayer, Mercer Just Me and My Dad JE Mayer
Mazer, Norma Has Anyone Seen
My Emily Greene?
JE Mazer Norma
McBratney, Sam Guess How Much I Love You JE Baby Book M
McBratney, Sam Just You and Me JE McBratney
McCormick, Wendy Daddy, Will You Miss Me? JE McCormick
Micklos, John Daddy Poems J811.54 M
Morris, Ann The Daddy Book J306.874 M
Morrow, Tara Jaye Mommy Loves Her Baby/Daddy Loves His Baby JE Morrow
Norac, Carl My Daddy Is a Giant JE Norac
Numeroff, Laura What Mommies Do Best/What Daddies Do Best JE Numeroff
Paradis, Susan My Daddy JE Paradis
Parr, Todd The Daddy Book JE Parr
Polacco, Patricia My Ol' Man JE Polacco
Pow, Tom Tell me One Thing, Dad JE Pow
Rex, Michael You Can Do Anything, Daddy! JE Rex Michael
Rusackas, Francesca Daddy All Day Long JE Rusackas
Savadier, Elivia Time to Get Dressed! JE Savadier Elivia
Say, Allen The Lost Lake JE Say
Shalev, Meir My Father Always Embarrasses Me JE Shalev
Smalls, Irene Kevin & His Dad JE Smalls
Smath, Jerry What Daddy Loves JE Baby Book S
Thompson, Lauren The Apple Pie that Papa Baked JE Thompson lauren
Vestergaard, Hope Driving Daddy JE Vestergaard
Waddell, Martin Good Job, Little Bear JE Waddell
Waddell, Martin Sleep Tight, Little Bear JE Waddell
Weigel, Jeff Atomic Ace (He's Just My Dad) JE Weigel
Wells, Philip Daddy Island JE Wells
Wood, Douglas What Dads Can't Do JE Wood
Yolen, Jane Owl Moon JE Yolen
Ziefert, Harriet Bigger than Daddy JE Ziefert Harriet