Financial Education Series

We have arranged a series of experiential workshops on Personal Finance. Unlike seminars from Insurance or Investment companies, these workshops will adhere to the Fiduciary Standard. They are designed to be experiential and a true educational experience with NO SALES AGENDA.  cash and coins

Call the Adult Desk at 618-7694 or click on the title of each workshop to register yourself online.                                      

Estate Planning: do you really need a trust; learn your other options to avoid probate 
Long Term Care: how do you prepare for it; how do you deal with it
Wednesday, September 17, 7-8pm
Instructor: Michael J. Hughes. Attorney Mike Hughes has been practicing in the estate planning and probate areas for over 33 years helping his clients protect themselves and those they love.  He is currently a shareholder with the law firm of Booth Patterson, P.C. in Waterford.

Income Tax Planning: it’s gotten more complex; learn about the different strategies 
IRA Strategies: Roth, Traditional, 401k Rollover 
Wednesday,  October 1, 7-8pm
Instructor: Brian R. Weiland. Brian Weiland is a Certified Public Accountant with an accounting degree from Walsh College of Accountancy in 1975 and a Masters of Taxation degree in 1980.

Managing your 401k: which funds; how much; when do you change  
Investing Strategies: learn how asset allocation works; Index vs. Active funds
Behavioral Finance: learn why you’re your own enemy                
Wednesday, October 15, 7-8pm
Instructor: Brian Lakkides, AIF® is the Managing Director of Fiduciary Firewall Consulting, Inc.; an ERISA consultancy that has been serving 401(k) plan sponsors and fiduciaries since 2004.

Budgeting: budgeting, like life, is full of trade-offs.  Learn methods and ideas on how to make economics work for you
Wednesday, October 29, 7-8pm
Instructor: David Dieterle, Ph.D..  David Dieterle is Chief Academic Officer of the Cygnet Institute.  He is President and Chief Academic Officer for the Michigan Council on Economic Education (MCEE), a highly- respected resource for the economic education of adults, teachers and students throughout the State of Michigan.  He is an Adjunct Professor in Economics and Finance Department at Walsh College.

Retirement Planning: it’s a numbers game, learn the rules; put it on paper 
Retirement Income Strategies: income vs. total return; 59½ and 70½ rules
Annuities:  Immediate, Fixed Interest, Index, Variable - Explain the differences
Wednesday, November 12, 7-8pm
Instructor: Ted Lakkides, CFP®. Ted Lakkides is the founder and President of Cygnet Institute of Personal Financial Literacy, a non-profit organization registered in Michigan that promotes economic and personal financial literacy. As an independent fee-based Registered Investment Adviser, he specializes in comprehensive financial planning under the name Cygnet Financial Freedom House.