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Internet Symbols

Here are some symbols (also called icons) that you will see when you use the World Wide Web, better known as the Internet:

Cursor arrowThe CURSOR ARROW moves across the screen when you move the mouse.  Use the cursor arrow to point on a place where you can click and type text or click on a hypertext link.  A link will take you to another location on the web.  You will see what links look like further down this page.

Scrollbar arrowsClick on the SCROLLBAR DIRECTIONAL ARROWS to the far right of the screen to move up and down the page.

Pointing handWhen the cursor arrow turns into a HAND you have found a link that you can click on (press the left mouse button).  What do links look like?  They can be any image or icon.  Try clicking this one:

Smiley Face

Or they can be any words or underlined words like this:

 Try clicking here.

So, be careful what you click on or you may be lost instantly in cyberspace!

HourglassWhen you click on a link the hand will turn into an HOURGLASS.  The hourglass is telling you that the computer is working.  Wait until it turns back into an arrow before you click again.

Web browser toolbar

These buttons should be at the top of your screen no matter what program you use.  (The above are from an older verson of Internet Explorer).  They will look a little different, or be in a different order, in other programs, but there's always something like them.  The BACK button (an arrow pointing left) will take you back to the last place you were at.  The HOME button (a house) will take you back to the very beginning where you started.  PRINT does just what it says, while PRINT PREVIEW lets you see what it will look like before you use up the paper (or your printing funds).  If you click on a link and find yourself waiting for more than a few minutes that means that there is a traffic jam on the web or that the link has a lot of images to load.  The best thing to do is click on the STOP button (a stop sign or an "X" in red) and then try that  link at another time.  You can always try the REFRESH (arrows in a circle) button to reload a page.

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