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Michigan Mysteries

Alleyn, Douglas   Upper Peninsula
Barr, Nevada A Superior Death (1994) Lake Superior
Bunn, Thomas Worse Than Death (1989) Lansing
Coble, Colleen   Upper Peninsula, Christian Fiction
Coughlin, William Jeremiah   Detroit
D'Amato, Barbara Hard Christmas: A Cat Marsala Mystery (1995) Michigan
Dereske, Jo Savage Cut (1996) Michigan
Estleman, Loren D. PI Amos Walker series Detroit
Hamilton, Steve   Upper Peninsula
Hardwick, Gary Double Dead (1997) Detroit
Heywood Joseph   Upper Peninsula
Hills, Kathleen   Upper Peninsula
Holtzer, Susan   Ann Arbor
Jackson, Jon Detective Sergeant Mulheisen series Detroit
Kienzle, William X. Father Koesler series Detroit
Leonard, Elmore Mr. Paradise, Pagan Babies, Out of Sight Detroit
Lindsay, Paul Witness to Truth: a novel of the FBI (1992) Detroit
Parrish, P.J. Dead of Winter (2001) Loon Lake
Raphael, Lev Nick Hoffman series Michigan
Roat, Ronald Clair   Lansing
Traver, Robert   Michigan
Weber, Ronald   Upper Peninsula