New at the library: a Rental Collection

Our new Rental Collection provides library users with another option for obtaining popular fiction and non-fiction titles currently on national best-seller lists.  The rental collection consists of copies of best sellers.  Rental books are available on a walk-in basis only.  They are not holdable electronically nor will staff pull copies to hold for callers.  (Some libraries call it a "Lucky Day" Collection).  The collection is located in the Circulation lobby to the left of the entrance to the Periodicals Room.

 How do you check out a rental title? 
1.  Rental books check out with a non-refundable rental fee of $1 for the first 4 days collected at the time of checkout.
2.  Rental books out for more than 4 days will accrue an additional 25 cents/day beginning on day 5.
3.  Additional rental fees that accrue on copies out more than 4 days will be assessed to your library account.

We have holdable copies in our regular collection of all the same titles as are in the Rental Collection.

If you'd like to see what books are in our rental collection, do the following search in our catalog:
click on the Advanced Search tab, change the Item Type to Rental Book, change the Library to This Library, leave the author, title, etc., boxes blank, and then click on the Search box.

Right now the collection is small, but it will grow.