Photos from our cake baking competition held February 20

 All the cakes were luscious and delicious!

all the cakes










All the cakes on the table waiting for the judges to taste.

avocado cake








Avocado cake with pistachios on top.


carrot cake








Sugar and spice carrot cake with orange cream cheese frosting.

Mexican wedding cake






Mexican wedding cake. Our first place winner.


decadent chocolate cake









Decadent chocolate cake was our third place winner.


rum cake











Rum cake.


pink lemonade cake









Perfect pink lemonade cake.


lemon poppyseed cake










Lemon poppyseed cake with sweet and savory frosting.


seven layer rainbow cake








Seven layer rainbow cake was our second place winner.


yellow pineapple cake










Pineapple yellow cake.


Italian rum and fruit cake
















Italian rum and fruit cake.

Dark chocolate yellow cake.









Dark chocolate yellow cake.