Technology Update - March 2011

Image of keyboardIf you have used our public computers this past week, you may have noticed a change in the login screens on our public computers and the sign-in screen on the sign-up stations. These changes are part of an upgrade to the system that manages our public computers. SAM (Smart Access Manager) is the system that manages each person's time and printing on our public computers. It also allows you to reserve a computer from home or work and control the level of Internet access you have on our computers. In addition to the new login screens, a few of the new and improved features from the upgrade include:


  • Faster printing - The slowness of the printing in the old system was a frustration for all of us. Printing happens much more quickly with the new system.
  • Eliminating confirmation notice when using sign-in station - This "feature" of the old system was quite an annoyance! It's gone and the sign-in process at our Adult sign-in station is much easier to complete. 

If you didn't notice the changes, that's OK! Our goal was to complete the upgrade with as little inconvenience as possible to our users.