Testing Your Internet Skills

Here are a few questions to challenge you.  Print this page out, so you can move through the questions without having to return to this page over and over again.  Don't be afraid to get lost.

1.  You're doing a report on the country of New Zealand, and you need a picture of their flag.   Try using Yahoo!  Print out a good-sized version of the picture.  (Hint: sometimes a small version of a picture is a link to a larger version.)

2.  Now use the Google Images search engine to find a picture of a skink.  Print out one of the pictures you find.  Be sure you note the address, because pictures on the Internet are copyrighted just like if they came from a book.

3.  Somewhere near the top of this page is a line with a web address in it.  At the moment, it should have "http://waterford.lib.mi.us/content/testing-your-internet-skills" inside it.  In that space, type the following address, exactly as you see it here:


When you hit "Enter" on your keyboard, this should take you to the home page for Yahoo! Kids.

4.  Your teacher has giving you the name of a person.  You need to find out who this person is, and what makes him important.  Go to the Yahoo! Kids search box and type in the following:

Garrett Morgan

If you use the scrollbar to move down, you should see a list of sites that have information about Garrett Morgan, telling why he's important and even giving a picture of him.  Can you find out when and where he was born?  Did you also get a link to a movie that has nothing to do with Garrett Morgan?  (Can you tell why you got the movie link?)

5.  This is a navigation challenge.  Go to the top of this page and hold the mouse over the word "Research".  A new list should pop up.  Choose "Databases".  On the Databases page, choose Encyclopedia, Almanacs, Statistics, and Directories.  Find the World Book Encyclopedia and look up "Saturn".  Is Saturn the largest planet in our solar system?