Values and Explanation for Library Use Value Calculator

This chart provides the explanation for the estimated retail values of the items used in the Library Use Value Calculator. Some of the values are estimates and averages based on 2007 costs.


A list of estimated or average Waterford values with explanation
ItemEstimated Retail ValueValues Explained
Book Borrowed$16.00Estimated average discount cost of hardcover & paperback
Magazine Borrowed$4.00Estimated cost to purchase a popular periodical issue
Video Borrowed (e.g., local national chain)$2.00Sample Video Rental at Video Store
Audio Books Borrowed$10.00Introductory Rental Price at
Magazine Use in Library$2.00Estimated cost to purchase a popular periodical issue
Interlibrary Loan$25.00Average cost for loans
Community Room Use$50.00Average cost per booking
Program/Class Attended - Adult$15.00Estimate
Program Attended - Children$8.00Estimate
Computer Use - Internet and MS Word per hour$12.00Sample hourly rate at a copy center
Wireless Access per hour$6.00Sample hourly rate at a local wireless hotspot
Michigan Newspapers Online Articles Viewed$3.00Average cost per article from newspaper archives
Other Database Searching - Number of Months Used$20.00Minimum Cost for Monthly Access to Sample Online Database
Reference Questions$7.00Estimated cost per question


Based initially on the calculator from the Maine State Library.